What is my dress made out of?

When you make an appointment for alterations with us, or anyone for that matter, we may ask you what is your dress made of? Although it seems like a simple question, if you're not familiar then you may not know. So here are some samples of materials and descriptions.

bridal satin.jpg


Although there are many different types of lace, when it comes to bridals, as long as we know it has lace, and if it has a lace hem that is enough information. Lace is typically applied on top of tulle which is a translucent mesh like fabric.


Chiffon is a very light weight fabric that is often described as "flowy." It is very popular in both bridesmaids and bridal gowns. It is translucent and frequently has more than one layer of lining.


Bridal Satin typically has a shine to it and be of varying thicknesses and weights. It is often used in ballgowns as the structure of the fabric holds its shape marvelously.


Largely popular in the late 80's/early 90's, this fabric is making a come back because of its ability to be molded into firmer structures. Commonly found in mother of the bride dresses but coming back in bridals that have a more couture feel.