From first phone call to pick up


So, you’re getting married, CONGRATULATIONS! Now the planning begins. Take a deep breath.You went to the salon and found your dress, or perhaps, you’re wearing something borrowed. No problem!We do everything from simple bra cups to full customizations of gowns. 
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When you call to set an appointment with us at 321.698.4338 we will ask you a few questions
First of all, what is your name?! When is the wedding? Where is the wedding? How do you think your dress fits you? Do you know what material it is made out of?
And most importantly we will ask what days of the week work best for you to come doe a fitting.
Lastly well ask for a good contact number and an email address. Typically, your first bridal appointment should be about 2 months from the date of the wedding but we also offer rush options so don’t panic!
Now, your appointment is set. A day before your appointment you’ll receive an email (if provided) and a text to confirm your day and time as well as any other instructions. 
The day has come! Your first bridal fitting!
The first fitting is typically the longest lasting about 45-80 minutes. We will evaluate the fit of the dress and start pinning at the top and ending with the hem and bustle. We will write you a receipt that will have the cost of your alterations listed on it. 
We will also set your appointment for your second fitting before you leave. Your second fitting will be about 2-3 weeks before your wedding. At this appointment all the alterations at the top will be machine sewn and we will adjust them as necessary at this appointment. Your hem however, will be hand basted. Which means that the excess will not have been cut yet and there will be large stitches holding it in place. We do this so its easy to adjust at the second fitting. This is particularly helpful to us if you’re a petite bride and we have to take a large amount off the hem. 
Before you leave well set your third and/or last fitting.
The reason we say and/or is because about 75% of brides come to the third fitting and everything is perfect, and you can take it home! But the other 25% need a few more little tweaks. This is totally normal! Again, DON’T PANIC! We will get it all done. If you’re in the 25%, before you leave well set your official FINAL fitting and pick up date. 
And you’re off to get married!
If you would like more information feel free to give us a call at 321.698.4338, email us at emilysalterationsanddesign@gmail.com, or check out our other informational tabs at the top of the page.
Hope this helps!